Tracy Porter to me on if he's had a seizure since August & his health now: "No, that was a one-time deal that happened. I don't know if it was the altitude or the medication, but I'm fine now. I have been fine since November."

So to be clear, since you said you've been fine since November, how many seizures have you had?

"I only had that one in August. I thought that I was having what they called symptoms, which is why I didn't play in San Diego. It wasn't a seizure though. I think I was reacting to whatever medication they had me on. I just wasn't feeling well and since then I've been fine. The doctors couldn't find anything that caused the seizure. My CAT Scan came back normal. There is no real explanation as to why. I had no problems before that. So, I guess the Broncos were happy with the way the other guys were producing. They told me I would just be inactive."

The last game you say you were active for was against Cleveland in December. What have you been doing since?

"Since then I have been working out in Baton Rouge in that good old heat, staying healthy and just waiting to see where I end up."

Should teams have any concerns about you moving forward?

"None at all."

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