Here's what CB Tracy Porter told me about his future in Denver: "As of right now I am expecting to hit free agency. I don't know what [the Denver Broncos] want. They haven't talk to my agent. My agent hasn't told me anything that they said. If they want me we can get things worked out. That's a possibility. But given the situation last year I would say I highly doubt they would be interested in keeping me. That's what it seems like right now. They seem to be set on the guys they were playing with last year. I just kind of got lost in the shuffle. I mean that's the nature of the business. So, I just have to see what else is out there. Whether [the Broncos] try to offer something just to say they offered, or whether I end up somewhere else, I'll be on the field next season. That's not something that I am worried about. But where and what team, that I don't know."

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