About me

I find it really weird to write my own kind-of-biography on the internet where everyone can see it.

But I get it, that’s how we can connect to each other. We can understand the other person better if we know some of their experiences and struggles too.

Because everyone has a different story, a unique path in their life. 

Mine has started in the 80s…

Early struggles

My parents couldn’t maintain their relationship, and after they divorced when I was 6, my Mother raised us alone with my sister.

She did everything and worked really hard to give everything to us. And she’s done really well, I can proudly say I’ve had a happy childhood thanks to her.

Although, as I look back now, I think I was quite weak psychologically because of the lack of the father figure in my life. Also, our life was quite unorganized and we have moved a lot.

Probably this was the deeper reason why I was bullied in elementary school a lot.

The happy teenage years

Middle school was a lot better where I met awesome people and could build meaningful, healthy relationships.

As I’ve started growing up I started to see how we’ve struggled financially. We haven’t had much money, had some loans, but overall we could cope with that and things were fine.

This was the point where I developed a desire to be rich and successful, to be able to help us, so we won’t have a problem with the money ever again. Sweet dreams. 🙂

But life is not always that easy…

The end of childhood

Our situation’s got worse and worse, and my Mother’s got sick of it, literally.  She died of cancer when I was 24.

I remember, I’ve felt that my whole life has fallen apart. Even worse, we’ve had a huge pile of debt after her.

But my sister and my girlfriend helped me to get back on my feet.

I started to work at an ecommerce agency and learned about online marketing for fun in my free time.

After a while, with some hustling on the side we could finally pay back our debts entirely.

I think that was when I’ve become a real grown-up man.

Learning how to manage a life

The psychological legacy I got from my parents was the scarcity mindset about the money.

Because of this in my adult years I’ve spent way too much time on chasing shiny objects that promised quick money and easy success.

Of course, almost all of them were scams and I’ve burnt myself a lot.

Fortunately, some of them led me into the world of personal development.

I’ve started to learn the real principles of how to build a happy, peaceful and rich life.

These are the most important lessons that I’ve picked up and incorporated into my life so far:

  • You must face the problems of your life
  • You must rely on evidence, not woo-woo
  • You must take full responsibility for how your life goes

These might sound like clichés or overly general advice.

But they are deep insights for me concluding some really tough times in my life. These and other useful principles are essential parts of me and how I think now.

Using them I could get rid of my shiny-object syndrome, and I’m able to think and work in the long-term now.

The future is bright

up on hiking

This blog is a central part of this long-term thinking and my self-discovery.

I’ve realized that I’ve learned so many valuable skills over the years that can help others make more money and have fun along the way.

This is my real goal with this blog. I’m sure I’ll also learn a lot with this project too, and maybe I’ll become a better version of myself with it.

Looking forward to making more mistakes, having fun and hopefully connecting with fantastic people like you.

See ya!