Twenth Automations Onboarding Tutorials

Let's get you fully set up and comfortable using the software!

#1 - Quickstart Guide

Get setup on Twenth Automations in a single afternoon! This simple guild will get you through the bare minimum to have a functioning Twenth Automations account!

#2 - Messaging

This tutorial will showcase all the messaging capabilities of Twenth Automations and show you how to take full advantage of the platform.

#3 - Calendars

Did you know Twenth Automations has a built-in scheduling platform? This series of videos will show you how to use Twenth Automations for all your scheduling needs.

#4 - Pipelines

If you have a customer buying cycle longer than a day, Twenth Automations will help you keep track of your prospects with the pipelines feature. Watch this series of videos to become a wiz in no time.

#5 - Website Builder

While Twenth Automations sets you up with a basic website to start, we'll show you the full power of the Twenth Automations website builder in this section of the tutorials. If you can dream it, you can probably build it on Twenth Automations when it comes to websites.