Twenth Automations Quickstart Guide

Begin using Twenth Automations in a single afternoon with the help of this short series


Let's See The Big Picture...

In This Section You'll Learn:

  • Hook Up A Domain: Let's get you set up with space you OWN online!

  • Build Your First Funnel: Let's build a spot where you can send social media traffic and GET LEADS Quickly!

  • Get Emails Working: Let's communicate with those leads you get...

  • See Where Help Is: We have a TON of resources for you to use. Here's where they are...


Let's own your spot on the web!

In This Section You'll Need:

Your First Website

Let's set up shop!

In This Section You'll Learn:

  • Set Up Your Homepage: This is where people will find you.

  • Fill In Your Info: Make the funnel YOURS!

  • Get Your Website "Live": Officially open for business!


Let's Communicate ASAP!

In This Section You'll Learn:

  • Automate & Write Your Welcome Email:
    The Most Important Email You'll Send

  • Set Up Your Email Domain: Make sure people know it's coming from YOU!

  • Test Your Emails: Does This Thing Work?

Final Step

What's Next?

In This Section You'll Learn:

  • Where Your Link Is: Grab it and hook it up to Google & your socials!

  • Where to Get Help: We have countless resources available to you! Use them!

  • What To Do Next: This is only the beginning...

Want To Keep Going?

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